Our strong corporate culture is the critical backbone that informs our strategies, actions and aspirations. It is shaped by our five guiding principles that affirm everything we do.


Always tuned in to employees’ needs


At Eplify, the voice of every employee is heard and considered to improve a process or a style of working. We don’t have a top-down leadership model; rather, all of us – CEO included – face customers who we believe define our purpose and keep our firm in existence. Employees, therefore, are not under pressure to bow down to hierarchical inflexibilities, and encouraged to speak up.

This allows leadership to address issues as they arise and benefit from valuable employee inputs.


Emphasize accountability
The freedom of autonomous operation enjoyed by our employees also makes them accountable to themselves and to each other. Being accountable goes hand in hand with accepting responsibilities and fulfilling them commitedly each time. It is the reason why we are able to both take ownership of and deliver value to all stakeholders.


Empower and motivate
Eplify employees feel motivated to come in to work each day and do their best. That’s because our culture demands leadership to empower employees and mentors to guide mentees with enthusiasm and kindness. We have invested in orientation, training, ice-breaker and team building programs and events that foster collaboration among employees whilst giving them an opportunity to know each other more personally.


Thinking out of the box
We encourage employees to think innovatively, and go beyond projects and existing customer requirements to investigate future needs. We’re open to funding events and projects that enable employees to gain key perspectives through creative brainstorming, audience research and consumer interactions.


Not afraid to take risks
While we’re guided by proven methodologies and don’t hesitate to leverage the latest disruptive technologies, we also pursue risks boldly. Our belief is that, unless we move with urgency when we spot an excellent opportunity, our culture of innovation will suffer. The company’s leadership and employees take calculated risks even if it means dealing with small failures along the way.